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“Open Tech for Open Minds”
  • Open-source software for business

    More than 20 years of experience endorses us, Opentia Group counts on professional consultants with a huge background on design and development of ERP, BI and DM systems.

  • Software & hardware outsourcing

    Opentia Group provides customised outsourcing for our clients, we adapt ourselves to your needs and not otherwise.

  • Computer science judicial experts

    Opentia Group counts on the best and most experienced computer science judicial experts, a court is the last resort for solving conflicts, why not facing that undesirable situations with the best computer science judicial experts in your corner?

  • Crypto development IOTA/TANGLE

    Opentia Group bet on the tangle technology and we were not wrong, blockchain and its lack of scalability has proved insufficient for the challenges our clients are facing right now, so do not waste any more minute, join us in the Tangle!

  • Self-generating energy systems

    We are pioneers in the field of self-generating energy, Opentia Group develops and deploys customised self-generating energy systems, join us on the journey to the future of clean energy!

  • IT security

    Opentia Group works side by side with highly experienced security professionals in order to find new ways to improve the security of our clients' systems.

  • Developments of internet of things (IoT)

    IoT is not the future anymore, it is the present and Opentia Group provides the finest IoT services. We count on the best and most qualified experts in the field.

  • Web & Mobile apps development

    Opentia Group develops customised web & mobile applications in order to meet our clients needs

  • Open-source software development

    20 years ago open source software was a fairy tail, now thanks to the leadership of many of our collaborators is the new standard for the sector, from SME's to multinational companies. Should you need develop open source software Opentia Group is the answer.

  • Comprehensive teleworking solutions

    Opentia Group's people have been teleworking for more than 20 years, we develop our tailored solutions in order to meet our client needs


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